What you will learn

Delve into the complete digital workflow under the guidance of our world-class mentor, Dr. Nikolay Mirchev—a distinguished expert in Dental Prosthodontics Digital Workflow. Throughout this course, you will master advanced tools and techniques, from implant exposure protocols to the efficient completion of the entire digital dental prosthetic workflow.

Uncover implant exposure protocols, master intraoral scanning with 3Shape software, and explore detailed protocols for restorative try-ins. Achieve proficiency in scanning protocols pre- and post-implant exposure for thorough coverage.

Develop an in-depth understanding of treatment plans, gain hands-on experience through real-time demonstrations, and engage in interactive sessions to discuss challenges and reinforce key takeaways.

Benefit from the expertise of Dr. Nikolay Mirchev, an authority in Dental Prosthodontics Digital Workflow and a consultant to leading dental practices globally.

Course summary

Dr. Nikoaly Mirchev Chief Medical Officer Dentaprime Academy


March 26th, 2024


5 days






18 CPD



What you will learn

  • Steps before scanning: implant exposure protocols and loading implants with PMMA
  • Mastery of intraoral scanning with the 3Shape software
  • Scanning protocols before and after implant exposure
  • Detailed protocols for plastic and zircon try-in of restorations
  • Efficient and effective completion of the entire digital dental prosthetic workflow

What you will receive

  • In-depth understanding of estimating the treatment plan to final restoration fixation
  • Hands-on experience with real-time demonstrations for a comprehensive grasp of the process
  • Interactive sessions to discuss challenges, share insights, and reinforce key takeaways

Dr. Nikolay Mirchev

  • Expert in Dental Prosthodontics Digital Workflow
  • Consultant to leading dental practices globally